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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hello World

Hello World! I was resistant to the idea of doing this but I met this nice fellow named
Bre (pronounced 'bree') at the SXSW interative festival here in Austin. He makes things.
He has a site called You should visit it. He's a good egg.
He convinced me this was a good thing.
I make things too but I never thought of sharing the things I make except at parties and for visitors.

So, very soon, I'm going to have a website. If all goes according to plan you'll see an interview with me and some of the things I've made in a couple of weeks on Bre's site. Yay! This is fun!
I don't know how often I'll post but I'll try to make it an interesting read.


Anonymous bre said...

This is great! Slap some of those pics of things you've made up on here. Use flickr if you need a place to put them on the web.

It was great meeting you. I'm just editing up the footage and it's good stuff.


1:47 AM  
Blogger commentsblog01 said...

Brought here from Bre's site. Wow, that was cool. I just listened to your two sample mp3's from the instruments. Since they both (more the rectangular one) looked like something someone definitely just made, I didn't expect them to sound that good-- maybe a weird sound here or there, but when I heard them, they sounded amazing-- like a real guitar, whatever that would sound like. I listen to music like the next guy, but not an aficionado or anything. But I do know what I like, and apparently your instruments make those sounds.


And post some more muse from them, I'd like to listen to them.


2:10 AM  
Blogger Seven said...

I'm glad you like the mp3's, KUTGW!
I've gotten several requests for more music created with these instruments and will be doing that sometime this summer.

9:54 PM  

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